July 06, 2015

The hipster wedding: pushing boundaries since 2012

Prior to 2012 weddings were more concerned with extravagance, and the more you had the better. If you weren’t wearing Vera Wang whilst awaiting your knight in shining armour in your Cinderella-like church, then you’d be picking up canapes and champagne off a replica butler.


It’s often still the same case in more traditional and religious countries, where the father of the bride pays for the ceremony.



But let’s be honest, if you’re not religious or in debt to your parents, who wants this kind of wedding anyway? It’s a massive expense the average city dweller can-NOT afford, as cities eat themselves, prices keep shooting up, property becomes unaffordable, and so, we are forced to do more with less. It’s gotten so bad that even the idea of wedding open bars is becoming extinct in the UK!


Not only is there price concern, but ever since the praise of the city aspiring artists (now residing in Hackney) and places like Shoreditch becoming hip, it’s also become cool to have something more rustic and do-it-yourself style. In a way, it became more extravagant for less, as people try to outdo each other on who has the most original concept and location. It’s also noticeable that as the millennials have swooped in, what’s defining a hipster wedding is the use of hashtags and barn weddings.


If you’re not taking ideas from Pinterest, serving drinks in mason jars, making your guests wear converse shoes and taking the living room outside then you’re doing it all wrong! Don’t forget, wedding dresses must be from nowhere. That’s right, designers and labels are just so uncool!

hipster wedding 2-min


As much as the social media era is in, in a way, so is traditional media. The hipster wedding means sending invites via post, but couples are now even creating their wedding events on Facebook to RSVP.

wedding event on fb


Oh, and don’t forget, why hire a photographer when most guests these days have smartphones? Just get guests to curate content, upload on the wedding party app and don’t forget to create a unique hashtag for the big day!

Some couples have even gone as far as turning their weddings into raves, and giving their guests entrance wristbands.

wedding wristbands


Perhaps some day they’ll even go as far as RFID wristbands, cashless payment and even intertwine a ticketing service. Of course, it would have to be a do-it-yourself service like ours!
So for all of you wedding fair exhibitors, don’t forget to keep up with these new-age weddings. The millennials can be somewhat unpredictable and tricky to please. But always remember, #hashtag.



Emma Brincat