August 15, 2015

The lowdown on live event streaming

Videos have long been taking social media by storm. Live streaming events however, is a newer idea, and it’s one that’s got big brands like MasterCard and Starbucks excited. Here are some of our tips on how to make the most of live streaming your event.

Find the right service for you

Since their release in March this year, Meerkat and Periscope have been competing to become the ultimate social live streaming service. Both services enable you to broadcast from a smartphone for an unlimited amount of time, as well as see the number of viewers. Viewers can also ‘like’ and comment on your streams.

As you’d expect, both services have their pros and cons. Meerkat works best with Facebook, while Periscope is owned by Twitter. Meerkat only allows viewers to watch your stream when it’s happening, but with Periscope, you can keep the stream up for a full 24 hours. Choose a service that fits your brand and target audience.


Only share the most engaging content

Watching a live event can be compelling, allowing viewers to soak up the atmosphere and feel like they’re a part of something – so make it an experience. Give it some structure and personality – include interviews with event staff for example – while maintaining the feeling of spontaneity. Don’t be afraid to keep it short either.


Plan ahead

Live streaming is the perfect opportunity to give viewers an authentic taste of your event. To get people involved, dedicate time to planning a streaming agenda – try to treat streaming as an event in its own right. However, be aware that copyright law can get tricky if you want to use your footage for advertising, so make sure you get written permission from everyone involved beforehand.

Live streaming is one way to make your event awesome, but we know plenty more. Start creating your event with Ticketscript today and we’ll let you in on a few trade secrets.