August 08, 2013

The perks of buying e- and mobile tickets online

There are great advantages when it comes to selling tickets online for your event, especially e- and mobile tickets. You’re able to collect essential customer data – which typically isn’t possible when selling physical tickets through traditional retail outlets – that can be used to better plan marketing campaigns for future events. There’s also less risk of stolen or lost tickets for your ticket buyers, and you incur less costs as you cut down on production and postage fees of physical tickets.

As more people favor buying e- and mobile tickets, the sales of physical tickets has diminish; however, there are still those avid physical-ticket buyers that want to purchase this ticket type. We’ve put together five reasons why it is better to purchase e- and mobile tickets in order to help you change your customers’ perception about physical tickets.

  1. It’s cheaper: There are various ways you save money by purchasing an e- or mobile ticket. You save on the transportation costs you would’ve incurred travelling to a retail outlet, plus you save on the service fee as this is usually higher for physical tickets due to production and other costs, such as labour costs.
  2. It’s time saving: As we all know, it takes less time to purchase a ticket online than it is at a retail outlet; however, it’s also important to note the delivery time. When you purchase physical tickets online, you have to wait a week or two before the event to receive your tickets, and these can get lost or delayed! If you purchase e- or mobile tickets, these get sent to you immediately or you can access them the second the promoter issues these – hassle free!
  3. Accessibility: As mentioned in reason 2, you can access your e-ticket or mobile ticket whenever you’d like! If you buy a physical ticket, there’s a risk of this getting lost or stolen, which causes a world of pain trying to sort out! Sometimes tickets don’t get re-issued if something like this happens. The great thing about e- and mobile tickets is you have 100% access to these whenever you want!
  4. Security: Following on from reason 3, it’s more secure to purchase e- and mobile tickets because you know these won’t get stolen or lost and there is also less chance of fraudulent activity.
  5. Think green! Last but not least, buying an e- or mobile ticket online reduces your carbon footprint. It’s the little steps that make a difference in a sustainable future.

And remember it’s all about education. Communicating and championing the benefits of purchasing e- and mobile tickets online is the key to start changing consumers perception about physical tickets.

By Vassia Panaouta