February 17, 2015

The Road to the Event Production Show

Event Production Show is tomorrow! We’ll be making the journey from Old Street to London Olympia early, ready to begin our path of events and technological enlightenment.

After we indulge in coffee and a few croissants, we’ll get cracking. Our schedule is pretty crammed (it’s a shame we can’t wear trainers). Full of great discussions and panels, along with the fascinating insights and information we’ll undoubtedly gather, we fully expect this year’s Event Production Show to be the greatest yet.

Here’s our agenda for the Event Production Show:

Day One – Wednesday 18th February

11.00am Main Stage
Piers Shepperd, Wonderwork will chair ‘How important are Opening and Closing Ceremonies to the cultural heritage and legacy of large Sporting Events?’.

Be sure to check out our recent blog ‘Our Favourite Opening Ceremonies at Major Events’.

11.45am Lineout Theatre
Anton Christopoulou & Ollie Williams from Imagination will talk about ‘Using technology to enhance visitor experience and engagement’

2.00pm Main Stage
Question Time: What will 2015 bring? with Stuart Galbraith from Kilimanjaro @Kililive

We had our own predictions for trends for 2015. Check them out here.

3.30pm Main Stage
There’s more to festivals than music! Why do so many festivals sell out before the line-up is even announced? This session will explore the additional areas of entertainment and creativity that provide festivals with their identity.

Day Two – Thursday 19th February

11.00am Lineout Theatre (@RuRambles) – @GruveEventTech
Ru Barksfield from Gruve talks ‘A Sporting Chance: with more and more brands choosing high profile sporting events to launch or promote their products, this session takes a look at the rise in experiential activity within sport!’

Main Stage – @Shambalafest – Chaired by Chris Johnson, Shambala and Powerful Thinking
Chris Johnson from Shambala talks ‘People, Planet, Profit – part 2 – The Energy Revolution’

2.00pm Main Stage – Piers Shepperd @KiliLive
Finally we’ll get a chance to see the much anticipated Fest Factor Final with Wayne Hemingway MBE from Kilimanjaro

Stay tuned for our live tweets (@ticketscript) and Facebook posts we’ll be posting during and after EPS.

To view the full programme for the Event Production Show 2015, click here.

Raj Jilka