December 05, 2013

The State Of The Ticketing Industry 2013: Report Follow Up

Last week we released an exclusive report of a survey we conducted to understand the attitudes and behaviours of ticket buyers in 2013. As anticipated, the findings created a fair bit of buzz in the events world, including coverage in industry publications and comment amongst communities of event professionals.

Trade blogs that ran features included Event Magazine, Event Industry News and the Ticketing Technology Forum. Press from the music industry are also looking at running stories around the survey as the data provides valuable insight for their audience too.

Amongst the chat around it, lots of people expressed how useful they found the report, but like any interesting piece of news it has also provoked challenges from some parties. One particular discussion on LinkedIn centered around the suggestion that the sample may not be “representative” and that the respondents already seem to be “converts” to online/social ticket buying.

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to clarify this. The 1,000 people sampled had all declared themselves as ticket buyers in the last six months – the *method* of this purchase wasn’t mentioned as far as required criteria went, as such there should be a mixed sample. One could argue that the survey being conducted online may mean the respondents were more digitally inclined in their habits than some others, but this too would only be an inference – answering a survey online doesn’t necessarily correlate with purchasing habits.

Beyond showing that the respondents vastly preferred to buy online, the survey also raised secondary issues such as the importance of trust (over price) and of buying direct from promoters rather than third parties or agencies. These matters were just as significant as whether buyers chose online or any other method.

We welcome further comment, and thank all those who’ve taken the time to share, engage and debate with the report.

If you didn’t see it in full, you can request it here or take a look at our summary infographic.