March 22, 2017

Three things event organisers can learn from blockbuster film, Logan

It’s finally here: Logan, the long-awaited finale Wolverine movie by Marvel. A film that resembles more of an old-school Western than your typical special effects superhero movie. And within all its glory, there’s a lot we can learn from our clawed friend to make your events even more successful.

Here’s our pick of those best three – one for each claw 😉


1) Adapt or die (well, maybe not die)

When dealing with mutant superheroes, this seems like a pretty obvious theory: adaptation is the key to surviving. Yet, James Mangold’s movie taught us something else: renew or forever be forgotten. This is not just another Wolverine movie, but a film where the hero is facing the end of an era. This makes it as exciting as the first time we saw Wolverine on the big screen. That’s why it’s important to keep your events fresh, adding new twists and surprises for your community that will keep you, or put you back, on top. Whether it’s physical renovations on the venue, adding extra shows or booking those groundbreaking artists that are yet to be discovered. Maybe it’s time you took that risk!


2) We all need good teammates

You wouldn’t call Wolverine a team player, at all. He’s pretty comfortable doing his own thing and doesn’t seem to need external help. Or does he? Even a character like him has shown us that teamwork is the way to success. Whether it’s taking care of your life-long friend Professor X, or helping a bunch of mutant kids to escape, when we put our heads together we are at our best. Rely on your team, let them be a part of the creative process, hear their opinions, share yours… That way you will be all fighting one common enemy – call it Mr Sinister or lack of ticket sales! Spoiler alert: just as Logan found his inner peace thanks to letting others in, you’ll find the path of success when surrounded by the right team.


3) It’s not the end, my friend

It might seem the end, indeed, but far from it! Wolverine has been with us for 17 years on the big screen and many more within comics. Even badass heroes that can’t be killed know that one day, something or someone may finally catch up and cause harm. Maybe your last event could have been even better; maybe that last-minute production problem or that artist cancellation still haunts you, but you have to let it go! Only when we accept the inevitable and embrace it, we can then make room for what’s to come. Just as sad as we were to let Logan go, we knew his legacy would live on thanks to new-time favourite, X23. So keep on working, keep on fighting despite the mistakes and the failures, because that is what makes your event stronger and more competitive in a very busy marketplace.