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Most Frequently Asked

The questions most frequently asked by ticket buyers

I am having trouble downloading my ticket from the confirmation email. What should I do?

This could be because the link in your email was broken. To fix this problem, follow the below steps:
Copy the first part of the link (blue) and paste it in your address bar (from https..)
Copy the second part of the link (black) and paste it behind the first part in the address bar (ends at …lang=)
Press enter and the download page will open
If you are still having problems downloading your ticket, please email our support team or fill out the support form.

I have sent an email to Support. When do I get a response?

Our support desk has an average daytime response time of 4 hours, and we aim to resolve all queries within 24 hours.

I can't attend the event anymore. Can I give my ticket to somebody else?

Tickets are non-transferable via ticketscript, however you can contact the event promoter to see if they are happy to transfer these across.

I have paid for my tickets but have not receive a confirmation. What should I do?

It can take up to 30 minutes to receive a confirmation. Please check your Spam Folder if you still did not receive a confirmation. You can contact if you did not receive a confirmation. The confirmation is not relevant any more when you have downloaded your tickets already.


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Is it possible to buy tickets by phone or email?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy tickets by phone or email; however, you can buy tickets from the event website in 4 easy steps.

There are no tickets available in the ticketshop. What can I do?

It’s possible that the event is sold out or that tier of tickets has ended. We recommend you contact the event promoter and see if they’ll be putting more tickets on sale.

Is it possible to receive an invoice or receipt with my ticket purchase?

We cannot create a formal invoice, but you can use the confirmation email as a receipt. If you’d like an invoice, please contact the event promoter.

The transaction was denied. What should I do?

Firstly, double check if you have received an email confirmation, or if the tickets have been charged to your bank account, to ensure you haven’t bought tickets. Once you’ve checked this, and both instances don’t apply, then you can try purchasing the tickets again. If you’re still having issues, please contact our support team.

What do I do if my ticket is lost or stolen?

We’re sorry to hear this. We advise you to reprint your ticket and arrive at the event as early as possible (with ID) as tickets are only valid for a single entry and you can still gain entry to the event if the stolen/lost ticket hasn’t been used.


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Can I change or cancel my tickets?

Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be changed for other tickets. You can read this in the terms of use in the ticketshop.

The event was cancelled. What is the procedure?

You will be informed via email by the event promoter with details about the procedure.

If an event has been cancelled and I purchased insurance, how can I get my refund?

Please submit your claim via RightPath at this link

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Our average daytime response time is 4 hours. We aim to resolve all queries within 24 hours.

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