April 24, 2014

Ticketing is dead, long live ticketing!

A lot of things have changed because of the internet, and social media, and blah blah blah – you’ve heard it all before. But, what about the old events game… Events take place in the real, offline world; so as long as you’re just selling tickets online, surely you’re futureproofed?

Wrong. Events businesses still need to drastically modernise, and here’s why.

It all begins with the broken traditional event model. Historically, selling tickets for an event centered around a distorted relationship between the organiser and the ticketing agent.

Here’s a story which may sound familiar…

You, the organiser, book the event space, you set up the entrance, manage the staff, sort the food, arrange the drinks, coordinate with acts or other entertainment – you do *everything* to make your event run smoothly. Of course, because it’s your neck on the line, one thing you want to guarantee is a good turnout. Doesn’t matter how banging those cocktails are if nobody’s there to sup them, so you’d better get the punters in.

In pursuit of selling maximum tickets to your event, you start to look to third-party agents – companies whose very business it is to shift tickets. They have the experience, connections and know-how to make it happen, right? Seems like a no-brainer.

The trouble is, it turns out the agent wants something in return for selling tickets to your event. More than just fees; they want a handle on your business.

They’ll collect customer data from your ticket buyers and use it for their own purposes – this even includes marketing to directly competing, rival events of yours. They’ll plaster the whole process with their own branding and they’ll take buyers to their site. Ultimately, they will leverage their power over you to bolster their own brand and business with your event. This might be acceptable, if it didn’t mean the dilution of your brand and your business being guarded from assets it should rightfully own.

The good news is, it needn’t be this way anymore. The internet, social media and related technologies are democratising the events industry.

Today, anybody can go it alone to build a successful events business without being bullied by old-fashioned ticketing giants. Not only that, but the ticket buyer of today actually *prefers* companies to operate that way – 70% would rather buy direct from you than a third party.

If you want to put on events, don’t fall into the trap of thinking short-term. Create resources you can nurture into valuable assets over time and it will pay off. That means, your own websites, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, mailing lists/newsletters and other online properties that YOU own.

Everything about ticketscript, the company, the people and the system, serves to provide a fitting solution for the serious event organiser who wants to grow their business, retain control and sell more tickets every time.

Working with ticketing agents might seem like a quick-win, surefire way of shifting a few tickets to your event this time around. But, if you want to really build your own sustainable business and make every event bigger and better than the one before, it’s time to take ticketing into your own hands.

By Dominick Soar