June 22, 2015

ticketscript CEO Frans Jonker is through to the finals of EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Warning: this blog may contain traces of success. If modesty is seen please report this immediately to a member of staff.

Opportunities where one can boast about oneself don’t come by often, unless you’re jumping from one interview to another. So, we’d like to take this infrequent opportunity to share with you a success that took us a little bit by surprise.

Last week, we were told that the mastermind of our startup, Frans Jonker, was a finalist for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Award. This was particularly an honour as Frans had pretty steep competition, and was announced finalist amongst the whopping 26 shortlisted entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs are judged on several criteria such passion and conviction, innovation, personal integrity and influence, financial performance, vision and strategic direction, national and international impact and corporate responsibility.

“The finalists are entrepreneurs with perseverance. They are the driving force behind their companies, anticipating the rapid changes occurring in the ever-changing world, seeing and seizing opportunities,” said Andrea Vogel, Program Director of the Award.

Now, let’s try not to soak up all the credit ourselves (just most of it). There were other great entrepreneurs who reached the finals, and here they are (in alphabetical order):

Henk Jan Beltman – Tony’s Chocolonely – Amsterdam
Andries Bonneur – Global Stage – Amsterdam & New York
Esther van Diepen – Mom in Balance – Haarlem
Frans Jonker – ticketscript – Amsterdam
Tim Ouborg – Princess Sports Gear & Traveller – Breda
Ruud Stelder – SEOshop group – Amsterdam
Walter Vendel – Fit20 – Hattem
Robert Fish – Message Bird – Amsterdam
Mark Vletter – Voys – Groningen

Andrea closed his speech with,”For 20 years, we’ve believed in the power of entrepreneurship, the inspiration and motivation that’s expressed in their vision, passion, conviction and excellent leadership. We are proud to have finalists who match these qualities. The programme not only celebrates the professional success of entrepreneurs, it’s also a tribute to entrepreneurs who contribute to a better working world.”

So, here’s to the finalists, and let’s keep those fingers and toes crossed for Frans until 8 October, when the winner for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year will be announced.