September 20, 2012

ticketscript implements Agile successfully

London, 20 September 2012 – ticketscript sees strong improvement in IT results after introducing Agile development methodology. ticketscript, European leader in social media ticketing solutions, provides event organisers free use of their SaaS (software) platform. The rapid developments in the field of ticketing and social media requires a flexible development method that ensures optimum quality.

In February 2012, the SCRUM method was successfully introduced by ticketscript. “Previously, we worked with the famous waterfall method; which is based on creating as many IT projects as possible and working hard to make them all possible.” Says Ruben van den Heuvel, CTO and co-founder at ticketscript. “The move to SCRUM was a big transition for both the developers and the rest of the organisation, but a few months later we would be lost without it. The developers are very pleased with the structured way of working, the dialogue and the peace that it has brought into the team. It is also much more transparent for the rest of the organisation (and not to forget our customers) where the IT department is concerned. We are much better able to respond to market opportunities and customer requirements. It is now clear to everyone what exactly is going to be completed and when it will be completed. Several parties are involved in the project and are therefore committed to a perfect end result.”

Agile is an effective and flexible method that focuses on the realisation of added value. Agile is based on an iterative development process, wherein the developers are all involved. The advantage of the method is a shorter time-to-market, lower costs and better manageability. The short-cycle form of cooperation between business and IT domains requires a different way of working within organisations.

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