October 19, 2012

ticketscript in final of the Challenger 50

Frans Jonker (ticketscript), Alexander Kraaij (Ecofont) and Martin Tobias (Dimenco) have reached the final of the Challenger 50, the annual Dutch competition, from Sprout magazine, for the biggest market challengers. They won a pitch out of 10 competitors in total.

The battle took place in Amsterdam’s ‘de Nieuwe Liefde’. ticketscript, Ecofont and Dimenco had to compete with Glashelder, Wind Centrale, Sweebr, Peerby, Taxi-e, Mijn Bestseller and Knab.

Jury member Wilfred Kik (ABN Amro) said on behalf of the jury, Hubert Deitmers (Van den Ende & Deitmers) Annegien Blokpoel (Perspexo) and Piet Hein Smit (founder of XXS), that ticketscript, Ecofont and Dimenco stood out based on their performance . “The other contenders showed huge growth potential and their pitches were of a high standard. But ticketscript, Ecofont and Dimenco are more mature compared to the others.”

The final will take place during the Challenger Day, on November 6th, at the Beurs van Berlage. ticketscript, Ecofont and Dimenco will have to do a pitch again before the winner will be selected.