April 09, 2014

ticketscript’s 2014 Customer Survey Results

If our customers are happy, we’re happy. You’ve probably heard companies say that before. Well, at ticketscript, it’s actually true. “But, is it really?” you ask. Yes, really! It literally is.

Why? Well, partly because we’re so nice, but not just that. Through the selling of tickets, our customers’ success directly affects our success. I.e. the more tickets our customers sell, the more successful we are. Happily, the result of this model is extremely high customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our recent survey.

Across different age groups and event genres, we asked the event organisers who currently use ticketscript a few questions about what’s important to them and how happy they are with the service we provide.

We were rather delighted with the results.

The first headline is that 97% of ticketscript customers would recommend us to other event organisers. We’re pretty happy with that, but we’re working on that 3% too. They must have misread the question, or something.

Yet more wonderful to hear was that 98% of our customers said they found it easy to set up an event and also that our reporting dashboard was easy to use. Actually, 98% said they enjoy using the ticketscript system. Music to our ears, that – the IT guys were especially smug.

To hear our customers like us is all well and good, but we also wanted to know what impact we were having on their businesses. Well, 70% stated they’ve seen a growth in sales since starting to use ticketscript – again, what’s good for our customers is good for us.

Looking in further detail, why did our customers choose us in the first place? In order of preference:

1. Simple, transparent pricing
2. Facebook ticketshop
3. Seamless integration into client’s website
4. Real-time stats and reporting

And what do they value now they’re an established user? Again, in order of preference:

1. Secure software
2. Sole ownership of data
3. Simple, transparent pricing
4. Website and social integration

We’re quite proud of what we’ve achieved here, and will continue to strive for better results each time we run a survey.

The ticketscript Event MOT

Following the overwhelmingly positive outcome of this survey, we’re excited to announce we’re offering up our services in a new way. (Still totally free, of course.)

Simply fill out this form and, in a few days, you’ll receive a customised report that our team of event development specialists have put together just for you.

We’ll take a look at all the online goings-on regarding your event and analyse the different aspects we think matter to your success: we’ll tell you what you’re doing right and where you could turbocharge things a little.

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