March 17, 2015

ticketscript talks: first edition

The suspense has been building and the eagerness brewing, but the time has finally come to announce our mission to make ticketscript and its clients social on the inside and throughout. That may sound hard to believe given the nature of our business, but we insist, it’s not.

Just having a social media presence isn’t enough – it’s important to understand the reasonings behind its use in order to make the most out of it. With clients such as ours it’s important they keep on growing their communities, and if they grow their communities, well, that means more success for them. Social media provides the perfect landscape to grow and engage communities, and create dialogues, but there’s often a lack of understanding behind its many features and uses.

So without further ado, we announce ticketscript talks – a series of events set out to provide you with new insights into the event tech sphere. Our talks welcome an exclusively selected bunch of event organisers. These events aim to help better events and take event promotion to the next level by learning from the best in the digital industry.

Our first edition will be live streamed in our Amsterdam office on the 7th of April.

To start the evening off, we welcome EMEA Community Lead at Hootsuite, Dan Spicer. Dan, previous Head of Social at Pancentric Digital, will spend 30 minutes giving an overview of social media best practices for events.

Following this, the king of Facebook in the Netherlands and founder of Likeconomics, Peter Minkjan, will spend 30 minutes educating everyone about the fast and developing nature of Facebook.

To leave no less than a happy ending to this evening, Gijsbregt Vijn, full time storyteller and founder of Lemon Scented Tea storytelling agency, will take us on a 30 minute journey on how to build brands.

We don’t want to give too much away right now, so in the time leading up to the event we’ll continue giving you little hints about the evening on our social channels via #eventtalks and our Facebook event.

In the meantime, block out that calendar date and register for the live stream now. 

Emma Brincat