January 12, 2015

Trends of 2015

Last year in our ‘5 key trends in events for 2014’ blog, we predicted trends in digital wallets, growth of mobile commerce & interactive / experience events, and we were pretty much accurate. Throughout 2014, we\’ve kept our fingers on the events industry pulse, and we\’ve highlighted five possible trends in the events industry for 2015, so let’s take a look:

Big Data  
Data, data and more data. Let’s face facts, we love the stuff. The accumulation of data will kick into hyperdrive come 2015. The gathering of faster real-time data as well as restoration of historic data will likely dominate. Good bookkeeping would be required for optimum results and accuracy.

There will be greater dependence on data in the executive decision-making process. Data will truly be at the forefront. Expect further conversions from big data to practical projects. The data will lead the way, strategising around it will be the key.

Analytics, taken a notch up
With mobile internet usage to overtake computer internet usage, mobile e-commerce retail sales growing, analytics on mobile is the natural course.

While analytics is used before and after events, many examiners were left in the dark with data during an event. Mobile event apps enables greater tracking and will hold a treasure trove of valuable data that’ll help to answer questions during events (exhibitions, live events) such as:

Trending topics (Narrow down for most popular)

  • Who are the key influencers
  • Ratings on questions and surveys
  • Most used features within apps
  • What the audience liked the most
  • Who, when, where, why and how are apps being used?

When fully integrated within the business process, and specifically used for online registrations, it’ll provide greater depth into the behaviour of the audience.

For further information on Analytics and how it can benefit your event visit, click here 

Rise of social commerce
The blend of social media and e-commerce has taken huge strides in the past year. France recently saw the introduction of money transfers via Twitter, and this trend isn’t expected to stop. Retail are set to benefit greatly, especially with recent stats showing more than half of the visits to retail websites came via mobile.

Of course, we saw this trend coming months ago…

Internet On Things (IOT) 
Wherever you go now, it seems like the internet’s just there. Wi-fi’s available on public transports, the new iWatch and even on pens!

Recently, a digital wallet was introduced in wristband form, it differs from other digital wallets since it measures the owners cardiac rhythm. The technology makes it difficult for hacking and provides a platform for a faster transaction.

Seeing is believing
As we predicted for 2014, we saw a lean towards more immersive experiences, which was further mentioned in ‘Brand marketing: experts reveal their trends and predictions for 2015.’ As Amy Kean, Head of Futures at Havas Media, says “In 2015, I think we’ll see a whole host of brands return to simple values, messages and traditions – easing up on our obsession with technology to celebrate human interaction and the outside world.” We’ve already seen this with brands such as Ralph Lauren, through their 2015 Spring Collection during New York Fashion week which was presented in hologram form.

2015 will be the year events find new ways and incorporate new techniques to help them create more interactivity between the event and its attendees – with brands jumping on this bandwagon and becoming more involved in different types of events. 

Raj Jilka