September 10, 2015

Tunes, tuna and ticketscript: a sneak peek into the rise of hybrid events

So, we were casually scrolling the WOSINC program page, as you do, and something caught our eye: gastro-music tasting. What the blimey?! Yes, you heard that correctly. So, we started doing some research and it really is what it is, the pairing of food and music. In a gastro-music world, would Metallica be smashing out their ferocious sounds as you ravage at those mighty meaty ribs or would James Brown make you ‘feel good’ as you lavish those strawberries and cream?

As you can see, this did a good job of sparking our curiosity, especially as ticketscript seems to have spiraled into a handful of clients with hybrid events. We’ve seen events such as chessboxing and ones that merge dining with experiential art. So, with this newly sparked interest we decided to pair music with our employees’ lunches.

With Sarah’s (our digital marketing executive) combination of Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice mixed with tuna we couldn’t resist throwing in some hints of Carlos Santana. Santana’s smooth notes blended well with this spicy sea taste. Here it is, our song of choice, Black Magic Woman.


Will, Head of Account Management, decided to go with an easy and healthy buy – sushi. Associated with the trendy and healthy conscious eater, and its use of simple, subtle and light ingredients we thought it would pair well with a bit of Bonobo. A good, healthy meal deserves time and what better than kicking back to some easy going and instrumental tunes from the man, Bonobo. Do we hear subtle hints of oriental notes in there too?



Well, it’s safe to say Jonny, our Senior Sales Manager, wasn’t feeling too experimental this afternoon and went with an easy whip up of tuna mayo and buns. Tuna mayo toasties always get the job done – you can’t really go wrong with them. Saying that, you can’t go wrong with some 90s hits either. So without further ado we’ve paired this delight with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.


Emma, Social Media Manager, couldn’t take the fact that summer was drawing to a close, so decided to get a bit tropical. She whacked out her pineapple and minced turkey and got ready to make it dance around her belly. We couldn’t help feel her tropical infusion deserved a bit of samba!



Last, but not least, our Sales Manager, Patrick, contrary to Emma, was starting to accept Autumn’s dawn on us. He comforted himself with some carrot and coriander soup. This deserved a warm touch, but Paddy needed to know that his Autumn acceptance wasn’t right, and definitely wasn’t ok. Here she is, Whitney Houston, paired with soup.


So, what will you be pairing with your next meal and what hybrid event will you be throwing next? Whatever it is, you can try it with us.