September 19, 2013

UDC plans to sell more with ticketscript

Amsterdam, September 19, 2013 – Ticketscript, the European leader in self-service ticketing solutions, and event organisers UDC have confirmed a long-term agreement for the ticket sales of all UDC events, including the world famous Dance Valley Festival.

 UDC has been operating under a new digital-focused strategy for selling tickets, and events such as Dance Valley 2013 have proven so successful in terms of visitor numbers and overall experience, that UDC have decided to only sell tickets online for their future events.

“The percentage of tickets sold online has continued to grow rapidly for years now, such that actually picking up a physical ticket in a retail shop seems archaic to most buyers. Physical tickets also used to mean we missed essential information about our visitors and lacked the personal contact we have with our online ticket buyers” said Brian Bout, Director of UDC . “Everyone should be able to buy tickets for our events at any time and not be dependent on opening hours of retail shops. Mobile ticketing also was very important in our process of choosing the right ticketing solution and ticketscript is clearly the right innovative partner in this respect too. I look forward to a long and successful partnership with ticketscript”.

“UDC is a huge event organiser in Europe and they attract vast numbers of visitors to all their events. ticketscript provides the ticketing solution UDC was looking for; an innovative and extremely customer-focused organization. It’s in both our interests to provide our attendees with a perfect service and sell as many tickets as possible for each event. We will make sure that will happen” said Duco Smit, ticketscript’s Head of Sales Benelux.

In 2014, UDC celebrates the 20th anniversary of its longest running festival Dance Valley. Tickets are expected to go on sale at the end of 2013.

By Dominick Soar