March 06, 2015

Understanding the British: A mini guide for your events entry into the UK – Part 2

Part one highlighted some of the more important British customs, behaviours and attitudes, such as manners, how to conduct yourself in queues, the art of a British handshake, drinking habits and much more.

Have you ever watched Guy Ritchie\’s ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ or ‘Snatch’, and thought ‘what on earth are they saying?’. Well, part two will help you connect the dots. We’ve compiled a list of useful and necessary British terms, slangs, as well as their meanings which we’re sure you’ll love. Enjoy.

British terms you want to remember:
Mate – ‘buddy’, ‘pal’, or ‘dude’ in America.
Gutted – to be devastated and saddened.
Gobsmacked – the look of shock
Cock Up – You and your filthy minds. It actually means a mistake, failure of gigantic proportions.
Lost The Plot – To become angry and/or crazy.
Cheers – means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’. It can also be used during celebrations.
The Bee’s Knees – To describe someone or something you think very highly of..
Taking The Piss – Once again, it’s not what you think. It means to parody, or be sarcastic about something.
Dodgy – Something illegal or just wrong, Like a kebab from Leicester Sq.
Tosh – ‘rubbish’ or ‘crap’.
Hunky-Dory – okay or normal.
Butchers – To take a look

The aforementioned slang terms are pretty common throughout the UK. Each city in the UK has their own unique slang terms. Next up we’ll take a butchers at regional slang terms from Manchester, Liverpool, London, Scotland and other cities.

Bessies – Best friends
Chuddy or chud – Chewing gum
Dibble – Police
Duck / Pet – Love
Gaggin (in need of a drink) – ‘Thirsty
Keks – Trousers
Mint – Great
Sound – Good

Chocka – Busy
Laters – Bye
Ma – Mum
Mara – Friend / Colleague
Old Fella – Dad
Ozzy – Hospital
Trabs – Shoes

Cockney rhyming slang (London)
Baked Bean – Queen
Bees and honey – Money
Bruce Lee’s / John Cleese – Keys
Chewy Toffee – Coffee
Dog and bone / Trombone – Phone
Rosy Lee – Tea
Tube (London Underground) – Oxo
Weston (Super-Mare) – Nightmare

Aye – Yes
Ben – Mountain
Bonnie – Beautiful
Goonie – Nightgown
Gumption – Common sense
Piece – Sandwich
Skoosh – Lemonade
The Morn – Tomorrow

Deaf it – Don’t bother (Birmingham)
Fittle / Snap – Food (Birmingham)
Netty – Toilet (Newcastle)
Paggered – Exhausted (Newcastle)
Scratcha – Bed (Newcastle)
Yem – Home (Newcastle)

Raj Jilka