May 13, 2015

Unhealthy event habits

It’s no news we love providing you with tips on making your event the best it possibly can be. With that in mind we thought we’d shine some light on the pesky habits that may occur when organising an event. So, keep those eyes on track and let them wander down below to check out the most common mistakes made!

With 92% of the UK population owning a mobile device*, and 1 out of 5 festival goers eager to get those selfies up on their social profiles**, having wifi at events is becoming a topic of discussion for organisers. If you are providing wifi at your event, make sure it’s a good quality connection for your attendees to have a positive social experience. Ensure the password is known to all or have a password-free connection.

Tech Matters
Thoroughly check everything technology-based at your event. The very last thing you want is a line of people queueing for your event and there’s a technical fault that delays things. It’s your duty to ensure checks have been made.


Some may let an event speak for itself and let the fans do all the talking. Well, thats all well and good, but how much better would it have been if you researched influencers in the local areas, and depending on what event it is, nationally. The more people that know about your event, the greater success it’ll be. Invite members of the press, can’t do any harm can it?

Event goers won’t always know where things are at your event. Having clear signage helps guide them better around your event, and you can event create a map if you’re holding an event at a sizeable venue or open area.

Keep all your online channel up to date with the latest information about your event. You don’t want to let any fans down, and transparency with your audience is the best policy.


Raj Jilka