April 09, 2015

Unique film themed ideas for your next event

Themes are what entice, let imaginations run free and take guests to a place far, far away. After some detective work, the standard films used to base events on are the standard Harry Potter, Austin Powers, The Great Gatsby, Grease and Alice in Wonderland. Well, it’s about time to break the norm and extend our creativity.

So we\’ve created a list of film-based themes for your next event that are a little more creative and unique. No more scars on the old forehead and no more greasy gelled back hair. It’s time to upgrade.

Indiana Jones – Temple of Doom
This theme provides a world of opportunities for your event. The Temple of Doom story was based in India and the film had many unique components that are transferable to an event format. Catering would be obviously Indian food, designs using sarees, just don’t want to serve goats eyes or monkeys brains. Not cool … or legal (I think). Also we wouldn’t recommend rope-climbing where alcohol is served.

Toy Story
Toy Story provides character options. Any excuse to have Pizza Planet at your event, and we don’t blame you. This idea could be utilised at family-based events. With so many toys and cars making cameo appearances, if the venue is big enough, you could have cars dotted around, and have toy helicopters spinning in the ceiling. The aim is to bring guests back to their childhood.

James Bond – You Only Live Twice
In this edition of Mr Bond’s adventures, James Bond visits Japan and aims to thwart the evil Ernst Stavro Blofeld. A Japanese theme, with walls decorated in traditional Japanese art, a volcano (just like the movie) or a spacecraft, followed by far-east finger foods such as sushi and tempura. Yum! To go the extra mile, you could hire geisha women to escort guests into a venue or to their seats. Traditional kimono clothing would be a must for women, while men have the option to immerse themselves fully or decide to wear a sharp Saville Row suit (booooooring) or a ninja outfit. Bright orange confetti would be the icing on the cake (make sure you check health and safety).

You are truly spoilt for choice with this theme. Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow or Nick Fury to name a few, are all fantastic outfits waiting to happen. As for decor, the New York City skyline is a must, along with true superhero foods, like mini burgers.

Disney’s Frozen
Firstly, a great Disney film. Secondly, with fantastic new inventions such as a hydrogen ice cream maker, an Antarctic backdrop, extravagant white confetti, cocktail workshop or Miracle Ice machine. The options are endless. You could also settle for slushes.

**The Miracle Ice machine was used at the annual ticketscript Christmas party, and from what I remember, the mojitos went down a treat** 

Mr Bean
If you recall in ‘Bean’ the movie, Mr Bean seemed to have completely ruined a priceless piece of art. You could hire street/canvas designers whereby all guests can freely create a masterpiece on a giant canvas. This idea is particularly special because the Canvas can be kept as a memento of a fantastic evening. A nice Hollywood backdrop would be just the ticket.

**The canvas concept was also used at the annual ticketscript Christmas party. It went down as treat 😉 **

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
While you wouldn’t think LOTR is an ideal theme, however, think again. This option allows you to stretch your creativity and create something truly unforgettable. For example, you could organise for a white horse shuttle service to bring guests to your event, decorate a venue in wonderful mountains and include a chocolate fountain. Who doesn’t like a chocolate fountain?

The Addams Family
“Tired of having the same events for Halloween? Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley as well as ‘Thing’, Cousin Itt and Lurch. We love them. The event allows you to decorate in spider webs, serve bloody marys and serve frogs legs.

Street Fighter
This is probably a guys choice for an event. An Street Fighter themed event could be decorated with skylines or alleyway designs. The choice of character for the event is wide and all unique in their own way. Finger snacks from around the world sounds like a good inclusion to the event. As is the idea of hiring many Bison outfits for security (if you choose to do so).

The Oscars
An Oscar theme could include a survey during the event which include little awards such as ‘Best Dress’, ‘Best Performance’ on the Dancefloor’ and many others. Hiring photographers and videographers outside the venue with a red carpet would make entrance as grand as the real Oscars. You may hire a photographers and videographers anyway, so you’d kill two birds with one stone.

Raj Jilka