December 22, 2014

Upload image for social media share function within the dashboard

The ticketscript dashboard allows you to easily share your event on social media. The option is useful for when your event is shared by the ticket buyer within Facebook. You’re able to customise the social media headers within the dashboard and upload an image or logo for your event. When your event is shared it’s this image that people will see.

How does it work for our customers:

1. Login to the ticketscript dashboard.
2. Go to the event you wish to add an image or logo to.
3. Upload the logo or picture (note: for best viewing on devices with high-resolution images please use at least 1200×630 pixels. Click here for more information on the dimensions.)
4. Click Save
5. If your buyer shares the event from the ticketshop, all their friends will see the events image!