February 27, 2015

Use Free WiFi at Your Event as a Marketing Tool

We’re sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but we just can’t reiterate it enough! Your visitors are using the internet via their mobile phones more and more every day, and at your event. Have you ever considered offering free WiFi? Well, if you haven’t, then watch this space because this can make for a really efficient marketing tool.

Visitors Expect Free WiFi
Public wifi places are nothing new for your customers. They expect a fast and solid connection. Indoor venues, such as restaurants and cafes, already have this comfort, but for festivals and other outside events there is still a lot of space for improvement.
Our expectations are that these types of events will start to roll out free public wifi at their events. What happens now when people are at festivals or other outside events is that the 3G or 4G connections drops because of the amount of people on site.
These days consumers expect to have the opportunity to upload photos and reach their friends through whatsapp. So, as an event organiser this could be a great service to offer.

Provide a custom made WiFi experience
In order to optimise the use of WiFi for your visitors you can use a personalised registration process. We are talking about a so-called ” captive portal.” This portal makes it easy for your visitors to log in to the network. In addition, you can collect a bunch of data from this registration. Many captive portal services allow you to customise them according to your needs, for example, by incorporating your own branding.

Deploy as a Marketing Tool
You’re probably asking yourself, ‘what’s in it for me?’ Offering a WiFi network provides great marketing opportunities. One advantage is the fact that you can target your visitors on a channel that they spend a lot of time on during your event. You can now send personalised content and advertising before, during and after your event. The data obtained can be used again for future marketing campaigns. For example, you can utilise users e-mail addresses for newsletters.

Apart from that, you can also use the connection for important announcements. You can post personalised messages about artists, program changes and location information.

Social WiFi
The latest trend is ‘ Social WiFi.’ This is a variation of free WiFi, but users must first like your Facebook page to get connected. Can you imagine how many additional followers this can bring to your community? This can give you hundreds of thousands more new followers.

Analysing the visitors on your network
Once users are logged into your network, you can gather important information and data about them. Analysis of visitor behavior can significantly aid in improving customer experience and increase sales in the future. Interesting findings include:
– artists visitors are interested in
– website traffic stats
– personal preferences and interests

Adopting a wireless network at your event provides endless opportunities, especially in the marketing and analytics fields. Having a decent WiFi connection means faster turnover at entrance, which also means getting visitors in the door quicker, and therefore more sales!

Bob Nagel