February 13, 2013

Use Ticketscript’s Invitation Tool To Promote Your Event

Ticketscript’s guest list tool is an easy way to invite people to your event. It can be used to invite anyone from VIPs, guests, traders to event staff. In fact the tool can be used to invite anyone you like! In real time you will know who has accepted the invite, who has declined and who is still pending.

Using the invitation tool as part of the ticketscript solution allows you to create tickets for guest list attendees, enabling you to get data on all the people attending your event, even those who are attending for free. Capturing data for every person attending is essential when delivering a successful event. This data is all sorted in the dashboard to help plan your next event.

It can also be used as a promotional tool. By offering guest list spots for customers that respond to promotional tasks and competitions, you increase the amount of conversation and activity that advertises your event. Here are some ideas to get people talking about your event and interacting with social media:

  • Why not run a competition? The winner will receive an exclusive spot on the guest list for your event. Ask the winner to sharre a post about your event
  • Ask your customers to review your event. The person who writes the best review gets on the guest list for your next event
  • Ask your fans to promote your event. Whoever generates the most ticket sales gets a spot on the guest list for your next few events.

Setting up your guest list

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the tools tab
  2. Within the tools page select the invitations tab and choose the event you wish to create invitations for
  3. Give your guest/invitation list a name. Make the name descriptive and relevant to the people within it, for example ‘competition winners’ for those people invited for winning promotion tasks from your social media pages
  4. Click ‘add’ to save your list. Click on the pencil to the right of your new guest list to edit the design of your ticket
  5. To send out invitations, use the select invitation menu and choose the desired guest list and number of tickets to send. Enter the email addresses of your guests, separating these addresses by a comma. Do bear in mind that you can only send out invites to a maximum of 100 email addresses at a time, and again, don’t forget to use a comma to separate them
  6. Alternatively you can import a CSV file with all the email addresses. To get the right CSV file format, click ‘this file’ under the ‘Explanation Send invitation’ section on the right
  7. Your invitees will receive an email with a download link.

One of the many advantages of this tool is that you are only charged for successful invitation acceptances, so those that don’t accept don’t cost you a penny.

For more information on the set up and costs please contact your account manager or the ticketscript office.

You can also read our extensive online guide.

By Helen Whitcher