December 10, 2014

Use ticketscript’s invitations tool to promote your event

Our invitations tool, aka our previous guestlist tool, is an easy way to invite people to your event. It can be used to invite anyone from VIPs, guests, traders to event staff. In fact the tool can be used to invite anyone you like! Just upload the relevant contact info and send out your tickets – hassle free.

It can also be used as a promotional tool. By offering guest list spots for customers that respond to promotion tasks and quizzes, you increase the amount of conversation and activity that advertises your event.

Setting up your invitation list

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the ‘Tools’ tab on the menu toolbar.
  2. Within the tools page, select the invitations tab and choose the event you wish to create a list for.
  3. Give your invitations list a name. Make the name descriptive and relevant to the people within it, for example ‘media contacts’ for all press contacts you invite to your event.
  4. Click ‘Add’ to save your list. Click on the pencil to the right of your new guest list to edit the design of your ticket.
  5. To send out invitations, use the ‘Select Invitation’ menu and choose the desired guest list and number of tickets to send. Enter the email addresses of your guests, separating these addresses by a comma. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file with all your contact information.
  6. Your invitees will receive an email with a link to download their ticket.

Please note, you will be charged for every successful invite which is sent.

The great thing is you can personalise each invitation by adding the first and/or last name of your invited guests along with their email address.

If you’d like more information about how to set up your invitations list, please contact your account manager.

Vassia Panaouta