March 21, 2013

Using Multiple Ticket Channels

ticketscript allows you to use different ticket channels. This makes it easy to sell tickets in a variety of places including multiple websites. It’s also possible to only sell certain discount tickets in your Facebook ticketshop and stimulate fans to like your Facebook page. These multiple ticket channels can easily be created in your dashboard under the ticketshop tab.


  1. For each ticket channel you wish to sell through, you will need to create a channel on the ticketshop page. Log in to your dashboard and select the ticketshop tab.
  2. Enter the name of your channel (name of your website/where the ticketshop will be appearing) into the white text box at the top of the channels box. Clicking add channel will make it appear in the list below.
  3. You can now edit each ticketshop to the style of each specific web page or Facebook page. Click on the first blue icon to the right of each channel to edit the style. Remember to click ‘Save’ to redeem all of your changes. We recommend that, when editing your Facebook ticketshop, you keep it as clear as possible to best blend with Facebook’s existing display style.
  4. If you want to gather specific information about customers using a specific sales channel, use the custom form icon to the right of the channel. This page allows you to add tick box and text questions to that specific ticketshop.

Connect each ticketshop to the relevant web page by using the script from the matching ticketshop. All of the script can be found by clicking the third blue icon to the right of the channel. Here you can access the code for a variety of different formats, including iFrame, Pop-up and a URL link.

Don’t forget to go back into your event setup to turn on your new channels!

You bank account details apply to your entire account so profits from ticket sales from all of your ticket channels will be paid into one account.

By Helen Whitcher