May 15, 2013

Using Social Media Effectively to Promote Your Event

Having an efficient timeline for social media posts is essential to make sure your ticket buyers know when tickets are available, which tickets they can purchase and where. Always make it clear where customers can buy tickets, whether that be a Facebook ticketshop, directing them to your website or URL ticketshop link.

You should use your social media platforms as a means to generate awareness and interest about your event. There is not set rule on what you should post when, especially since every event is different, but here are our three golden rules:

  1. Where can I sell tickets? Provide as many outlets as possible. Connect to a website, Facebook and email out URL links to an existing customer database.
  2. Promote! Include ticketshop links in all promotional material relating to your event. Make posts regular, especially on platforms such as Twitter where material works its way down the timeline quickly.
  3. When should I promote? Post at key times during the day. Mornings and evenings are the best times to post about your event, as customers will check social media before and after the working day.

We’ve also compiled some some suggestions of what you could be talking about at the different stages leading up to your event:

90 days to go – Promote your early bird tickets. Create an incentive to buy early, offering a reduced price or extra reward as part of the ticket purchase.

60 days to go – If you’ve sold out of your early bird tickets, why not release a new round of early bird tickets, still at reduced price but slightly more expensive? This will encourage early ticket sales.

45 days to go – Introduce a competition to generate activity around your event page on Facebook and Twitter account and drive sales of any remaining early bird tickets, if applicable.

30 days to go – All your tickets should now be on sale. Push promotion on all platforms of social media and get the word out. Encourage sharing and run competitions to help your event grow and sell out. Release information about your performers and generate excitement, helping those last few tickets to sell. Use the exciting tools available on the social platforms, such as hashtags on Twitter and Poll Questions on Facebook, to build a bigger interaction with your audience.

20 days to go – Remind your followers it’s their last chance to enter the competition for tickets. Generate excitement and post once a day about your event. Provide links to your ticketshop.

10 days to go – Start posting information about your entertainment, reveal exciting facts about the event. If you haven’t sold out yet, post a buy tickets status once a day providing ticket buyers with ample purchase opportunity.

5 days to go – Announce the winner of your ticket competition and include a hashtag on Twitter for easy customer interaction. Step up your promotion, posting a ticketshop link twice a day with more event information with each status update.

1 day to go – Hopefully you’ll have a sold-out event, but if not promote your “LAST MINUTE TICKETS”. Create excitement about the event through your post

Post event – Thank your customers for attending the gig and post any photos or videos from the event. If you’re selling tickets to your next event, this is a great way to push these.

Connect your ticketshop!

Integrate your ticketshop to as many platforms as possible, giving ticket buyers as many chances as possible to make a purchase. Find out how to integrate your ticketshop by clicking on the links below.

  • Facebook: You can connect your ticketshop to a Facebook fan page quickly and easily, direct from your ticketscript dashboard.
  • Website: Simply integrate your iFrame, or other formatted ticketshop, onto any web page using the script provided in your ticketshop tab.
  • Email: Use your URL link to send a direct ticketshop pathway via email.
  • WordPress: Integrate your ticketshop using the iFrame, or create a page and link your customers to the URL ticketshop.

The main thing to always remember is keep a strong and regular social media presence. This will encourage discussion and interaction between you and your ticket buyers. Make all of your event information clear and include a ticketshop link in every event post. Create a buzz about your event and get people excited. Your aim is to get those early bird tickets selling quickly, resulting in high demand of each new round of tickets released. Once your customers know they can get early cheap tickets, with the aid of promotion, word will spread and your next event will sell even quicker.

By Helen Whitcher