March 13, 2017

Utilising change to positively enhance the event experience

Sometimes change can be a little scary, but ultimately it helps us develop and grow as individuals. It also brings about opportunities to enhance one’s experience by introducing something different that keeps your event feeling fresh, and your attendees engaged.

Let’s take a look at four ideas you can implement to enhance your attendees’ experience and enhance the productivity of your own event staff.


Increase interaction at your panel/Q&A event

If you really want to encourage audience participation at a Q&A event then it’s wise to allow your audience to submit questions anonymously. Ever had a question you’ve been dying to ask but feel people may look down on you for such a silly question? We’ve all been there. By using tools like Slido or Google’s Slides Q&A you allow your attendees to submit anonymous questions via their smartphones, maximising participation and therefore engagement with your event. This is what it’s all about!


New activities at a music & arts festival

Firstly, it’s extremely important to remain focused on your core values as your attendees have become accustomed to expecting a certain level of familiarity. However, there is no reason why you can’t introduce a new feature/concept/add-on in order to keep your event feeling fresh.

It is useful to anticipate new trends, for instance, the current wave of healthy living that’s taking the world by storm right now. Why not jump on the bandwagon and provide some early morning activities such as yoga or a fun run around the perimeter of the grounds. Those that attend festivals and opt out of the late night partying scene are often at a loss in the mornings whilst waiting for their friends to rise. Not anymore! You just made a positive change to further cater for more of your attendees.















Increase efficiency with a cashless event

The future of RFID seems inevitable, considering all the benefits of data collection, security, sponsorship opportunities and general efficiency on site at your event. Regardless of your audience demographic, this might feel like a big step and some uncertainty will no doubt be present. However, being nervous about a bold move is not a bad thing and can often lead to a major breakthrough. Something to consider this year!


Let’s not forget about your own event team

How long have you and your team been working on your event? Maybe it’s one year, maybe it’s more than 10. Regardless of the length, introducing a small change to keep your employees alert and at their creative best might just be the ticket to forming that breakthrough idea that will allow you to move forward as a business. A great place to start is with your regular meetings. For your next meeting, why not take a walk around the block with your colleagues and brainstorm ideas for a new stage. Or try standing up around the kitchen area and witness first hand the level of energy and enthusiasm rise. This might just be your ticket to increasing ticket sales and profits.