November 12, 2013

We’re at the Event Technology Awards, London 2013

We’re excited to be heavily involved with the very first Event Technology Awards in the UK, taking place in London this Friday, 15th November 2013. We’re presenting at the event, sponsoring one of the categories, nominated for another AND we’re doing the ticketing (of course).

In a world where digital technology and the internet were futuristic new things, they were treated very differently to now.

You’d plug in your dial-up and have a session ‘surfing the web’, or maybe have an insightful “wot u up 2?” text conversation with your mate because you’ve got some credit to use up on your mobile. These were activities, or to-dos, in their own right. They were novel – often an end in themselves. Remember that?

As this technology matured, it became more and more integrated in to our lives. Our dependency increases on it further still every day. Not only is it almost always a means to an end now, but it is more often than not the ONLY means to an end.

Imagine you’re putting on an event in a month’s time *without* all the technology you use every day. No inviting people by email, no website to publish information on, no online ticketshop to sell passes through, no social media to spread the word on, no online maps to link people to. How would you possibly cope? I genuinely can’t remember; impressed if you can.

And that’s exactly why the ETAs are happening. They’re a showcase of all the technology that enables event promoters to do their jobs successfully in the modern world of comms and they recognise those who are doing so most innovatively.

Our talk:
Jason Legg, Commercial Manager UK at ticketscript, will be presenting The Future of Event Ticketing. Jason’s session will look at how customer attitudes and behaviours are changing in the events industry, including exclusive insight from research we commissioned in October this year.

We’re nominated for:
Best Admission & Visitor Management Technology

We’re sponsoring:
Best Technology Partnership