August 16, 2016

What can event organisers learn from Olympic success stories?

The Olympics Games Rio 2016 has been quite the spectacle and we have witnessed some amazing moments by the world’s top athletes. With all the hype around the games, we figure it might be useful for event organisers to take some inspiration and channel it into improving the success of your event.

Remain calm, play as a team, and success will find you

The German men’s hockey team were down 1-2 against New Zealand in the quarterfinal with only 41 seconds to play. Everything was pointing towards a New Zealand victory but the German’s miraculously pulled off an incredible comeback in this short space of time to claim a space in the semifinal with a 3-2 win.

As an event organiser, we’re sure you are well versed in the last minute panic that seems to enter the environment as your event is quickly approaching. Stress can often take over and although it feels like a good way to let off some steam, it can cause a negative feeling within your camp. Remain calm, stick together and help each other through that last hurdle. If you can do this, success is much more likely find you and you can enjoy celebrating as a team in your triumph.


If you fall, get up again, and come back stronger than ever

Running superstar, Mo Farah, suffered from an accidental fall on lap 16 of 25 in the men’s 10,000m race but dug deep to come back and claim his third gold medal. Farah showed the world that it is possible to come back after a hurdle gets in your way, and success is still highly achievable if you believe in yourself and persevere.

There will always be hurdles along the way in the lead up to, and potentially during your event. Whether it’s a headline act dropping out, a piece of negative press, or a lull in ticket sales after a particular marketing campaign. The reality is, if you get straight back on that horse and work twice as hard, you can still achieve all that you set out to for your event. Use the withdrawal of your headline act as a social story to gain attention then announce the (better) replacement act. Turn the negative press story into a meme and have a laugh at yourself (your audience will find this humorous and personable). Or analyse your failed marketing campaign with data and learn from your mistakes. If you don’t test campaigns, you’ll never get better with your targeting. You may get knocked down, but get back up again and experience Mo’ success 🙂


Surprise your audience with something to remember forever

Not all of the greatest Olympic moments have occurred on the sporting arena. Just after Chinese diver, He Zi, received her silver medal for the women’s 3m springboard event, she also received a marriage proposal from fellow diver Qin Kai during the podium ceremony. This had both Zi and the audience in complete shock and created a moment that will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.

So what is your big surprise to ensure attendees leave your event with a memory that will last a lifetime? If you can create a moment that completely catches your audience off guard and causes social trending, some of your marketing for your next event has just been completed. Fireworks display’s, surprise guest performances, or impromptu campsite entertainment are just some examples of how successful events achieve word-of-mouth exposure that turns a first-time attendee into a brand ambassador for your event. Follow your instincts and remain true to your core values, just don’t be shy to push the boundaries and create an Olympic podium-esque moment.