August 11, 2015

What Facebook’s new video controls mean for event organisers

Facebook updates are usually fairly pointless – if you’re reading this, Mark Zuckerburg, nobody wants a new layout, please just stop the Candy Crush requests. That said, the latest updates to the Facebook Video API could actually be very useful to event organisers. Here’s the lowdown on what you can do with the new tools.

Get customising

New customisation tools mean that video publishers can make videos more attractive by using custom thumbnails, or label their creations by interest categories such as ‘Entertainment’ and ‘News’. They’re useful features, even if YouTube has already been offering them since we-don’t-know-when.


Get selective

Video publishers on Facebook can already restrict the audience of a video by location and language – a helpful feature if you’re trying to promote an event in a specific location. With the new controls, you can fine-tune your audience even further, limiting by age and gender too. It’s a great way of making videos visible to just your target market. After all, that hot new boy band concert (probably) won’t bring in the same audience as the steam railway exhibition you put on last year.


Get timely

Another new control allows video publishers to set an expiration date for a video – perfect for when you’re counting down to an event and want to keep content fresh. Handily, you can still see the video’s insights once it’s been removed, meaning that if you’re promoting regular or annual events, you’ll know what works for next time.


Get reactive

The new updates allow publishers to edit video metadata after upload, which can be a lifesaver if there’s a last-minute change to your event. Now you can let everyone know that Dave Grohl has broken his leg before you face an angry crowd of Foo’s fans.

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Emma Brincat