June 06, 2013

What Happens When It Rains At Your Outdoor Event?

We all wish when planning an outdoor event that the weather will work in our favour; however, we can never be 100% confident that it will. With the unpredictability of the weather, it is essential that you plan for all possible scenarios. At ticketscript, we’ve put together a list of top ten tips on how to turn the rain at your outdoor event from a deluge to a passing shower.

  1. Provide free ponchos – a free poncho goes a long way for event attendees. Not only will they feel that they’re being looked after but it will keep them dry from the rain!
  2. Plan for additional ‘dry’ areas – When you’re setting up the site plan of your event, make sure you account for additional canopied areas in case it rains. A good idea is to have various site plans which cater for rain or shine! Also, if you’re using tents or canopies, don’t forget to provisionally book the additional structures.
  3. When it rains, pour – make sure you provide your attendees sufficient facilities to purchase a beverage and/or food under dry conditions. Providing a free beverage might keep attendees spirits going, and remember to provide both cold and hot beverages.
  4. Keep staff updated – It is important to make sure your team is aware of what the procedures are in adverse weather and to keep them updated if anything changes.
  5. Communicate site conditions – Provide your attendees with as much information on the conditions of the event site, for example how muddy the car parks are and which are the best walk ways to use.
  6. Maintenance of event site – It’s important to keep your event site and its facilities in as pristine condition as can be expected in the given weather conditions, so make sure the walkways are clear and the bathrooms are cleaned regularly.
  7. Mix of activities – Don’t let the rain ruin your event, so make sure you have a mix of activities which can keep the vibe going.
  8. Health and safety – It’s vital that you’re prepared for all possible risk scenarios. Make sure you provisionally have extra medical cover on-site should the weather turn on you, and that all equipment can withstand and is unaffected by the rain.
  9. Storage space – It’s a good idea to provide storage facilities, such as lockers, for your attendees to store their valuables, and possibly a dry change of clothes.
  10. Dry welcome – Make sure the entrance area of your event is in a dry place so you don’t have to worry about your attendees having a bad experience even before entering the event grounds or the entrance equipment getting wet or damaged. You could have a canopied area or even hire a portakabin.

Don’t forget it’s not just rain that can have an effect on your outdoor event, so make sure you plan for all types of weather conditions — high winds can cause problem with stage structures and unprecedented heat waves cause dehydration so make sure there’s plenty of water points and encourage your attendees to keep hydrate by drinking lots of water!

By Vassia Panaouta