September 22, 2014

What’s new in ticketscript

A lot has changed in the ticketscript dashboard over recent months. Everything we build into our offering is in line with our fundamental principles, such as growing your community, owning your data and retaining control of your brand.

Here’s an overview of some highlights we think you’ll find particularly valuable. To hear more about any specific features, simply get in touch with your account manager.

Easy duplicate events

You can now click a single button to copy all your info from one single-day event into a new duplicate event. This means all ticket info, images and text will be copied over, so you can set up a series of identical events for different days in just a few clicks.

This’ll be a huge time saver for the clients of ours who run ongoing series of events to which the same details apply.

Registration channels

This is a new way to offer promotional tickets to your customers.  A registration channel is a ticketshop just like any other sales channel, except that there is no payment step.

Customers simply need to put in their contact details, as with standard ticketshops, in order to register and receive their tickets via email or SMS. You can have the option to have tickets sent automatically, or you can accept or decline the registrations.

You can use this in a number of ways, perhaps with a set number of tickets available, or by only having the channel live for a set time. Don’t forget you can also add in custom fields, useful for collecting valuable extra info from your customers.

The other great thing about this channel is you have the option of managing the number of people who receive tickets by accepting or declining each request, while collecting valuable customer information.

To get set up with a registration channel, please contact your account manager.  

Transparent background ticketshops

Customising your ticketshop to fit your brand or the style of your website has always been central to our offering. Now, we’ve expanded this functionality to allow you to set the ticketshop’s background as transparent.

If your site has a background design which you want unobstructed, using this setting will mean your ticketshop blends perfectly into the design – ensuring you can offer sell tickets without compromising on style.

Guestlist tool: CSV bulk upload

The guestlist tool has long been a useful feature for many customers, and this recent addition make it more powerful and easier to use.

You can now compile your list of guests in a CSV file, upload them all at once and send the invites in bulk. Not only will this save you a lot of time but it opens up the possibilities of sending invites to up to hundreds (or even thousands) of customers.

Please contact your account manager to start using the guestlist tool.

Ticket box office: customer data

Collecting and retaining sole ownership of your customer data is an integral part of the ticketscript philosophy. Now when using our new on-the-door sales solution, released earlier this year, you can ensure none of this data is missed.

Ticket box office allows you to use ticketscript to sell on the door, so not only will those roll up customers get a professional, slick buying experience, but you can gather their data to market future events to them.

– – – – –

For further info about these new developments, simply get in touch with your account manager or even drop us a tweet @ticketscript.

If you’re not currently using ticketscript but like the sound of these features – you can create an account in just a few moments.

Remember, we’re all about empowering the event promoter to consistently grow their business – that’s what these features and everything else we do is geared towards.

By Dominick Soar