February 18, 2016

What Twitter’s New Algorithm Means for Organisers

It’s come to our attention that twitter is undergoing a big change on one of its most beloved features. twitter has always focused on placing the newest stuff at the top, unlike Facebook, which uses algorithms to determine what shows up in your news feed. Sorry to break it to you folks, but yes, twitter has adopted a new algorithm. Don’t worry, it’s nothing as complex and frustrating as Facebook’s. So, what does it actually do and what does it mean for brands? Let’s dig a little bit deeper below.

Well, the timeline mostly remains the same, except for one minor adjustment. twitter’s new algorithm essentially dictates what sits at the top of it, that’s all. So rather than the timeline showing the most recent tweets at the top, it focuses on showing ones that it thinks you should see. However, below this section it will be the same process as usual, showing the newest posts. Same ingredients, just with an extra topping.

The good thing about it too is that it’s an optional change. For now it’s opt-in only, but later it will be automatic and users will need to go into their settings to remove it.


So, what does this mean for businesses or event organisations like yours?

Nothing negative, that’s for sure. It basically means that quality content will rise to the very top of twitter’s timeline. So don’t let it scare you too much, just continue doing what you’re doing and producing content that resonates with your audience. Continue building those meaningful conversations with your customers, and in turn, get rewarded!

So, to conclude, twitter’s algorithm:

  1. Is optional
  2. Doesn’t stop real time posts appearing in chronological order
  3. Means quality content appears at the very top
  4. Separate from the main timeline