October 10, 2016

Why having a Facebook event is now more important than ever

Event discovery is something that is talked about on a regular basis in the event industry. With many ticketing agents pushing their event listing services as ‘discovery platforms’ it’s often one of the selling points used to convince event organisers to use a particular system. It’s something we at ticketscript find a little misleading as in reality it takes away an element of control from the event organiser.

However on Friday Facebook shared an announcement. You may well have missed it – there was no fanfare with this announcement. It was the Events from Facebook App.

So what does this actually mean? Well quite a lot really. It means that as event organisers have a ready made discovery platform, used by the highest and most engaged user base. It means event organisers will no longer need to worry about ‘discovery’ as a selling point. All event organisers need care about now is the system that sells tickets.

FBEvent app

(C) Facebook Newsroom

How can you take advantage of this? Well the app has launched in the US for iOS and an Android version will follow shortly. It won’t be long until it reaches European shores and we can all take advantage of this update. What will be key is to make sure you create a Facebook event for every event adding the link to your ticketshop.

If you want to read more from Facebook, you can do so here. Also you can read up on how to connect your ticketshop to your facebook fanpage.

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