July 22, 2014

Why scare events are a serious business

It’s a curious trait of us humans, we actively choose to frighten ourselves. All the other animals must think we’re off our rockers. From gory films and ghost trains to haunted houses and gothic literature, we’re not short of ways to get our fix of fear. In just the last few years, the live “scare” industry has grown significantly across the continent, with hundreds of interactive events curdling blood and chilling spines throughout the calendar.

Maybe recent generations have become desensitised to horror as a film/gaming genre and need something more real, or maybe they’re just not as reclusive and anti-social as their critics would claim. Either way, the trend has led to the emergence of imaginative concepts such as zombie survival experiences, extreme sleepovers and interactive plays – even if it’s not your bag, you can’t knock the creativity at work.

Whilst terror may seem a very specific topic, most of the skills required and challenges faced are typical of any live entertainment experience. Tickets need to be sold, the venue needs to be chosen and layout decided, toilets and other facilities need to be provided, actors require costumes and makeup, health and safety must be taken into account and, of course, that all important entrance needs managing.

So it’s a serious business, evidenced by the emergence of industry award ceremonies and conferences. With 2014 being its seventh year, ScareCON presented awards in over a dozen categories, including Best Year Round Scare Attraction, Best Educationally Scary Attraction and Best Set and Costume Design. The dates and venue for 2015 are soon to be announced.

Client feature:

We’re proud to say that one of the nominees this year was a client of ours – Frightmare Halloween Festival at Over Farm in Gloucester. Tickets for their events during the Halloween 2014 week are already on sale after the great success last year and the Frightmare website is a great example of how ticketscript can be integrated in-line with your branding. ScareTOUR, the most comprehensive and detailed reviews of scare events around the UK, said of Frightmare “This attraction is going to build year after year.”

Check out the case study here – and If you’re planning a scare event of any kind, why not get your ticketing plans sorted and optimised by signing up for a ticketscript account.

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By Dominick Soar