April 15, 2014

Why you need to exclusively own your customer data

“Data is the oil of the 21st century” said someone you’ve never heard of. What was he on about? Well, we rely on data. All of us. It powers our lives and, even more so, our work. As such, at ticketscript, we have very strong views on the importance of data.

Of course, data can mean a lot of different things, but here we’re talking about your customer data – i.e. the names, email addresses and maybe phone numbers of the people who buy tickets from you.

When you’re selling tickets for an event, building up this information (with their permission of course) should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. As you put on more events and this database grows, it’ll be one of the most valuable assets in your business.

The principle behind all this is empowering you, the event promoter, to retain the value of all the hard work you do and to prevent third parties like ticketing agents holding sway over you.

That means taking measures to ensure you’re collecting data about your customers that YOU own. And that means exclusively owning it – not giving it away or even sharing it with the ticketing provider who will invariably use it to market other events to YOUR customers, diluting your brand integrity and making competition even fiercer for you.

Collating a database of exclusive customer data overtime will make you more successful and help you sell more tickets.

This is exactly the kind of strategy we guide our customers through every day, and it works time and time again. In fact, in our recent customer survey, 85% of respondents stated “sole ownership of data” as a ticketscript feature that their business benefits from. See, as we always say – more than just a ticketing provider.

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