February 15, 2012

Your ticketshop is live….. It’s time to sell some tickets!

We have some tips to help you promote your event and increase your advance ticket sales.

  • Make it quick and easy for your customers to buy tickets! It is critical to add a ‘buy tickets’ button to your website homepage and it should be no more than 2 clicks to purchase tickets
  • Let your customers know that tickets are on sale! Promote your event via your Facebook fan page & Twitter – post and tweet info about the event and your new facebook ticketshop, include a link to your ticketshop
  • Email your customer database! Had previous events? Email your previous ticket buyers and customers to let them know that you have an upcoming event and they can buy tickets via your website and Facebook fan page – don’t forget to include links to your ticketshops!
  • Increase your Facebook fans! Facebook has a feature which allows you to upload your customer database to Facebook and then send them an invite to like your Facebook fan page
  • Use other websites to promote your events. Using genre related websites and social networking sites to promote your events can increase your ticket sales. For example www.dontstayin.com is a popular site for UK clubbers and is a great platform to promote club nights

Happy promoting!