June 15, 2015

YouTube: your untapped resource

When you think of social media, the first thing that likely comes to your head is Facebook & Twitter. YouTube is much more than a video streaming service, it’s an avenue to expand your audience, build engagement and excitement for your next event. So, if you’re interested in discovering how it can benefit you, check out these tips on how to maximise your YouTube channel:

  • Hire a few videographers to film your event. These videos should elicit an emotion of happiness and enthusiasm, and should be recorded to illustrate the atmosphere your future attendees should expect. If a member of staff is carrying out this duty, ensure he/she finds good angles during the event and then make sure to share on YouTube and across all platforms.
  • Once recorded, they should be pushed on social media platforms. An assigned member of staff can do this, however, you can also hire a social media specialist for events.


Much more can be done with the videos:

  • If you have any acts at your event, ask them to take part in teaser videos to build hype. This tactic can entice, build excitement and more importantly make the message more personable to the audience. This will also attract the fans of these acts to see what your event is all about
  • Create videos for competitions. To build engagement, you could create a competition which includes attendees posting images or a short video – depending on which social media platform you’re using for the competition – of themselves at the event and by using the hashtag for the event can win a prize. The winner could even receive their prize on stage from the artist (that’s if your event has a stage)
  • To maximise all YouTube efforts, feel free to ask your event’s special guests to share links of the videos on their social channels.


Let’s not forget, YouTube is a good platform to gain feedback, which you can read in the comments section.


Ensure your videos ‘capture the audience’s attention and transport emotion,’ as stated by Gijsbrecht Vijn at ticketscript talks. You want to make your audience feel like they could be part of something special.


If this hasn’t convinced you thus far, then these stats ought to:

  • Up to 75% of those who view your branded YouTube video will visit the company website
  • 90% say watching videos aid in the decision making process for purchases
  • 8/10 click on content that includes visual, while 2/10 with standard

by Raj Jilka