November 14, 2014

ZeeZout’s growth thanks to Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how to really grow your event? A great way is to utilise the power of Google, but few events really take advantage of the tools at their fingertips. One of ticketscript’s clients, ZeeZout, have been using Google Analytics and have recently taken the leap to use Adwords as well. The results have been startling. The ZeeZout brand has graduated from underground house and techno events to a tour of the Netherlands in a matter of months. They’ve been able to achieve a growth of both quality traffic and ticket sales by using Google products. We spoke to them to see what they’ve experienced and what tips they’d give to similar event organisers.

How long have you been using Google tools?
We’ve been using Google Adwords with Analytics for about 8 weeks now.

What challenges did you face at the start?
The first challenge was getting to know our way around the system and exploring what Adwords had to offer. The next step for us was to start some ads to generate data. This data is important to fine tune your ads and improve performance. If you don’t have enough data early you can draw the wrong conclusions and end up investing more in the wrong areas.

For us it was a trial and error phase, which worked best for us!

What advice would you give people starting to use analytics?
Just start using it. Don’t be afraid of trial and error. Set aside some time where you won’t be interrupted and dive into the system. You’ll eventually find that you generate more traffic and revenue and that the investment was worth every penny. The basics are not that difficult and you’ll soon learn what is interesting for your event. Also Google has a great helpdesk which you should definitely use. Call Google and ask them for a free consultation, plus there are many easy to follow manuals available on Google’s website.

Tip: read all about it here!

What have you found are the main benefits?
We were using Google Analytics for a long time, but it was when we combined it with Adwords that it really made a big difference. It generated a lot of traffic towards our website and that corresponded with an uplift in ticket sales.

How long into using analytics did you decide to use Adwords?
More then 2 years. We should have started much earlier!

How much have the Google tools helped grow your events?
We generated more traffic on our website, sold more tickets and therefore sold out our ADE events in advance. In the future we will continue to try and use the tools even more effectively.

ZeeZout is a textbook example of an event organiser successfully using Google Analytics and Adwords to grow their event.

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Bob Nagel